Studying Game Development – The First Semester

We did it! Or I did it. Almost 2 years ago. I finished the first semester and made a video talking about how I felt during the first semester, what I did and how I feel now 2 years later.

What we did

We had the main courses Game Development, Design and Technical Art. So it was an all-around look at every relevant area of animation and video game production.
Besides the main modules, we also had a Methodology part, where we learned about Producing and Production, as well as Ethics in Animation & Games, History lectures etc.

My Opinion

The Negative

There was way too much content. It was cool to be able to learn so much, and I also learned a lot. But all in all, the combination of all the courses, with homework, lectures, exams, studying etc. was way too much. Instead of 40 hours of study, it was more like 60.

But, those in charge of the program, admit to mistakes and are actively working to make the program more informative and better for everyone.

The Positive

I had looked at the module handbook before university. This shaped my expectations of getting an insight into every area of Animation & Game. And that is exactly what happened.

We got a look at the main areas of production and were taught the basics as best we could. Of course, there is still room for improvement in each course, and there could be more on the topic of game design in Design. The basics of drawing and 2D could also be taught better.
But all in all, the professors in the first semester do a great job of teaching us all the basics so that we can take a look at every area of animation and game.

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