Getting into the Game Industry (5 Tips you need to know)

I have published a new video by turning my experience and career into 5 tips. Check out the video on Youtube as it goes into more detail and there is also more information in the video description. But you can also read through this short blog post 😉

1. Tip – Search for an Internship.

If you watched my How I became a Game Designer video, you know that I got my first internship with virtually no experience in game development.
I had only my motivation and the will to learn. Presenting that to the company was enough. Apart from that, there are also many companies that explicitly advertise internships on their website, with the aim that interns can learn and take the first steps in their career. Just visit the websites of different studios and see if they offer something like that.

2. Tip – Study it

Yes, you can study something like game development. There are many universities that offer it. Since studying can be expensive, it is worth looking at countries like Germany where public universities are extremely cheap. It also makes sense to look for scholarships or other support.

3. Tip – Game Jams

Consider participating in Game Jams. You develop games, you learn something and it’s fun. In a team or alone. With experience or without. Everyone is welcome in Game Jams.

4. Tip – Networking

Create accounts on social media plattforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Insta etc. Engage in conversation; Meet new people; Learn something; Get inspired; Maybe even find a job. There are so many advantages in Networking!

5. Tip – Use Assets

Don’t hesitate to use assets. Don’t let you fool from a common misconception that using assets makes you a bad developer because you didn’t do everything on your own. E.g. if you don’t like coding, don’t let programming stop you from becoming a Game Developer. There are many different roles like Game Designer. But you should learn the basics of stuff because just copying assets is a bad practise.

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